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Brittney Harrison

Stick a fork in me…I’m done.

Hola, errrbody! I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far! I can’t believe it’s halfway over already. Where does the time go? If your schedule has looked anything like ours, it’s been jam packed with events every single weekend. Graduations, birthday parties, bbq’s, family gatherings…you name it, and the invitation for it is hanging on our fridge. I love this time of year. Staying outside until the sun goes down, spending time with great people, floating in a pool with a drink in your hand and no cares in the world. Just enjoying life. But you know what my favorite part of summer is? DUHHH…the food! The smell of that grill working its BBQ magic, cooking up meats that make your mouth water. The macaroni & potato salads, the watermelon, the cold lemonade on a hot day. Oh…my…god. Stop me if I’m making you drool all over your screen. Too late? SORRY.

This is the first year in a very…very…very long time that I actually feel comfortable in my own skin. Just in time for one of my favorite seasons. I’m rocking pre-mommy attire and finally liking what I see when I look in the mirror. I’ve embraced my newfound “mom bod” and am LOVING this beautiful version of myself. For once, I’m able to stuff my face without the fear of being bloated in my bikini the next day. It’s amazing how much weight (no pun intended) is lifted off you once you decide to put your insecurities to rest. I’m proud of how far I’ve come and I honestly just don’t care anymore. Sometimes I eat bad, sometimes I eat good…but I never feel guilty about it either way. I’m over that phase of my life and I don’t plan on ever going back. Life is way too short to count calories. So, I eat what I want, when I want…and as long as I’m taking care of myself, I’m healthy, and I’m happy with my body…that’s all that matters. Once Memorial Day weekend kicks off and summer officially begins, the food choices become a tad limited anyway. You don’t need to overthink the lunch/dinner menu, it’s just simple “outdoor” food. Quick and easy cooking, just the way I like it. It’s great. Now, as I said…I LOVE this stuff. I show up to a party, say my hello’s, then proceed right on to find the table with the biggest bowl of chips. I have no shame- don’t judge me. With that being said though….please…..

I never thought I’d hear myself say those words (or read them in bold print) but holy hell, I just can’t do it. If I see even one more, I’m going to shove it down the nearest persons throat…and it won’t taste good. Hamburgers, hot dogs, the salads, corn on the cob…its all so wonderfully delicious…and I can’t eat another bite of it. Every week, consuming it all over and over again…and not being able to say no because, well, I have a serious problem. I’m so sick of it all, but I can’t refuse even when I want to. “Thou shall not waste food.” Isn’t that a commandment? I’m just trying to do the holy thing here. And don’t even get me started on the soda. I am an addict and it is intense. You offer me a can of coke when I get to your house and you might as well have just said “I bought a 12 pack just for you, it’s in the cooler!” So…I’m sorry in advance if I’m on your guest list in the future. If you’re on a party budget and planned on inviting me, I’m going to assume my name just got crossed off the list. I get it, no hard feelings.

This past weekend, we went to yet another event and I told myself I was going to take it easy on all the crappy food…maybe try eating something decent? After a straight month of party after party, my stomach is hating me for it. So we arrive and of course, first thing’s first….we hit the food line, where I decline the offers of a nice juicy burger…and you know what? I swear, I heard that little slab of yummy goodness call my name. I ignored it like the strong willed girl I am, and I kept moving down the row. Then I arrived at my nemesis……the hot dog. And those beautiful dogs of hotness, tucked into their toasted buns, whispered “Brittney….” and I lost all control. 5 hours, 3 plates, and a handful of baked goods later, I waddled to the car licking my fingers…happy as a pig in a pile of poop. Okay, so I was not waddling and I surely was NOT licking my fingers. I was holding Weston in my arms, or maybe I would have been…I wouldn’t put it past me. But I WAS a happy little piggy, and that’s certainly how I felt. OINK OINK!
Our schedule is looking a bit lighter for the next few weeks, so I plan to do a little detoxing and let myself physically recoup. I’m used to eating super healthy and drinking A LOT of water during the day, so I figure if I just double the amount I’m drinking…and put an extra piece of fish on my plate for dinner…that’ll balance everything out. That’s how it works, right? Yeah…totally got this. Like I said before, I’m 100% comfortable with how I look…but how I feel? That’s a completely different story. I feel GROSS!!! Damn you, disgustingly wonderful helpings of happiness…damn you.
Along with my recent bad eating habits, our toddler has also “bitten off” a piece of the action with us. He’s not used to having a lot of sugar, and I now have plenty of video footage to prove why. This kid turns into a lunatic! It’s like the energizer bunny on Prozac…on Christmas morning…who just won the lottery. After eating an Oreo the other night, I’m pretty sure I witnessed him do the moonwalk and then start speaking in Spanish. I wish I was kidding. So…the cookies have been hidden away in the cabinets and saved as a midnight snack for mommy and daddy. What….? We’re responsible adults who can control our sugar intake. We can stop anytime we want. Wow….spoken like a true foodie addict, huh?

We still have the rest of July and all of August to get through, so if you don’t see me posting for awhile…just assume that my beloved summer weaknesses betrayed me, and I either choked to death on an Oscar Meyer wiener or overdosed on meat grease. Or maybe I’ll end up like a broken balloon. Have you ever seen what happens when you try to blow up a balloon too much? POP! What a magical way to go. I’m wishing everyone a fun filled summer 2016! I hope you’re all hitting the beach, tanning it up, and living the dream. Rock your favorite swimsuit and be confident in it, because you’re perfect the way you are! Take a chance and do something you’ve always wanted to try. Eat your favorite things with no regrets! Enjoy a hot dog, just don’t tell me about it. And most importantly, be happy.


​Rolie Polie Olie.

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