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Brittney Harrison

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Ding-dong, 2016 is DEAD! Happy New Year, everyone! 

With every new year, comes resolutions and high hopes for the next 365 days. We reminisce on what kind of year it’s been, whether we loved it or hated it…and make plans to make this one even better than the last. I used to make resolutions, swearing up and down that I was going on a diet “tomorrow” and I was finally done with that annoying habit. I don’t even remember most of them, but I can assure you that I’ve never stuck with any of them too long. A week later you would see me stuffing cookies into my mouth or biting my nails, and I’d shrug it off and say “eh, there’s always next year.” I now choose to just continue being a better me, and if I do want to change something, I don’t wait until January 1st to make it happen. Stop being a weenie and start aiming toward your goals RIGHT NOW!

I have always loved celebrating New Years Eve. There’s something so refreshing about coming together to say goodbye to an old year, and bring in a new one with a clean slate. Add in that you’re usually at some kind of party, with a drink in hand and surrounded by loved ones…how can you not be having a blast?! I tend to remember the same moments and the same celebrations over and over again…looking back and laughing uncontrollably, while shaking my head just as much…because I have the privilege of having a new year baby as my best friend. Our stories are filled with teenage shenanigans, drunken mishaps, and adventures I’ll remember for the rest of my life. 

Five of them (her favorite number) stand out to me more than the rest, and I love sharing them with others just as much as I loved experiencing them. I wish I could say “you had to be there” but chances are, if you were…you probably wouldn’t be friends with us anymore. 

Countdown of memories (in chronological order.)

  1. One of our first years spending NYE together, we watched the ball drop at her house with a few friends. At the time, we were both DIE HARD Lil Wayne fans (shut up) and I knew just what to get her as a gift. Right before midnight, I surprised her with concert tickets to see him and a bunch of other people we loved. Have you ever heard of Drake? She screamed her head off for 10 minutes and cried hysterically…so of course this amazing moment was followed by her mom running up the stairs, asking “WHAT’S GOING ON?!” because she obviously thought we were being murdered. She showed off her ticket, then proceeded to ask “wait, you’re coming too, right…?” Yes, she actually asked that. I kid you not, I almost ripped up my own ticket and made her go by herself just for that question. My only regret from that night is knowing that we recorded her entire reaction, but sadly no longer have it. To this day, it’s still the happiest I’ve ever been to give someone a gift.
  2. A year later, we kicked the “stay at home” tradition to the curb, and went out with the girls to ring it in together. We danced, we drank, we cursed out every stupid guy who had lost us that year…and as we all counted down to 12:00, we had our first (magical) lesbian kiss. I think that was the night we decided to marry each other – why didn’t that happen again?
  3. Fast forward to one of the first years we spent without each other. We were both in relationships and spent them as “girlfriends”…what a waste. I barely remember what I did or where I went, so obviously it wasn’t very exciting. I remember only ONE thing – that when the ball dropped, I called my best friend to wish her a happy birthday…and cried my eyes out. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so disconnected from her, and I think it was one of the first moments when I realized that my life was simply better just because she was in it.
  4. This next one is a favorite of mine, and one she will never stop hearing about. She had recently started dating someone new whom I hadn’t met yet (her now husband, Vinny!) and was going out to celebrate for the night. I was attending an annual NYE party at my future in-laws (newly engaged!) and called her earlier in the evening before our nights started. In typical big/little sister fashion, I gave her a serious pep talk about drunk driving, being safe, and repeated over and over again that I would come get her if she ran into trouble. She had a tendency to ask for me whenever she drank (I know, such an honor!) and I was sooo nervous about her going out with people I had never met! I went to the party and got so hammered, I couldn’t feel my face. I still swear that I didn’t see the ball drop on tv, although I was staring right at it the whole time. Anyway, my phone starts ringing right after midnight and I see that it’s her. What a nice surprise…she’s calling ME first this year! So I pick up…

Me: Happy birthday, sissy!

Stranger: Brittney…?

Me: Uh, yeah? Is this Vinny?

Stranger/Vinny: Yeah…I’m sorry to call you…


Vinny: She’s okay, but she’s really drunk. She’s crying and asking for you, and kept begging me to call you…so I did.

Me: How are you guys getting home? 

Vinny: Idk yet…

Me: Vinny, be honest! Do you guys need a ride home? 

Vinny: *sigh* yes…

Me: Tell her I’m coming, we’ll be right there. Thank you so much for calling me.

Let me tell you…I hung up the phone and was instantly sober. I ran downstairs, told Shawn we had to go, and we raced to the bar. We pulled up to a crying, sloppy version of my sister/best friend…got her into the car, and listened to her ramble about…well, I’ll save her some humiliation. Let’s just say she was an idiot. We dropped them off, went home and assumed that she would sleep it off the next day. Instead, I got an 8am phone call saying she needed a ride to go get her car that was still parked at the bar…and to her house afterwards (45 minutes away), since she was practically dying. Which was exactly what I wanted to hear, after getting home just a few hours beforehand and being extremely hungover myself. Her and I drove in my car while Vinny and Shawn followed us in hers, and we all made the trek to her place…but not before stopping twice on the way so she could get out and puke. I should have been annoyed with her, but I couldn’t be. I just kept looking over at my sleeping friend with puke in her hair, and smiled at how thankful I was that she asked for me.

5. My last favorite NYE memory was just a few years ago. She threw a 25th birthday party at her house, and I came over…with my big belly in tow! I was 2 months away from popping out my son, was huge and exhausted, but so happy to finally see her enjoying her special night. As I was leaving, Weston started kicking me like crazy. I should have known then that he wouldn’t ever want to leave Aunt Jaim’s house! He had played hide and seek with her my entire pregnancy, and she still hadn’t felt him kick. We ran to each other, and both teared up as she finally felt her nephew kick her hands for the first time. Seeing her face light up made me even more excited for him to arrive.  And so, their bond began…

We are now married with children of our own…and although we don’t celebrate it being kids ourselves anymore, New Years will always be one of my favorite holidays. It gave me her, my sissy…and my only resolution this year is to continue living life with her by my side.

2017, here we come! 

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