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Brittney Harrison

I’m a woman…what’s your superpower? 

“Know what? Bitches get stuff done.” -Tina Fey.

Damn right, Tina…they sure do. While sitting here reading one of my many doula books, I’m struck again by the thought of how freakin’ awesome women are. I seriously believe we were put on this earth to be handed life’s problems, put them up on our shoulders, and walk around with our heads held high……while wearing heels. I never really found much pride in being a female…especially if you asked me during the 2nd week of every month. YIKES. But after experiencing pregnancy and childbirth for myself, researching and learning about the female body and mind, and sharing life stories/experiences with other fellow women…I can honestly say that I’m so proud to be a part of the club.

Imagine if we didn’t exist. The world would be filled with men just walking around aimlessly with mustard on their wrinkled shirts, crying and moaning about not being able to find their keys, all while having their hands down their pants. Now THAT is a scary image…but highly accurate, don’t ya think? Meanwhile, we’re over here killin’ it with our indestructible selves. We are responsible for caring for our spouses, our children, our household, our lifestyles…and at the end of the day, maybe, just maybe…there’s a little extra time to squeeze ourselves in too. Don’t think I’m trying to downplay what males can do. Men are strong of course, but in my opinion, women are stronger. Have you ever had to care for a man while they were sick? If you’ve been married or in a relationship, then chances are that you’ve unfortunately been given the task at some point. A simple cold turns into the bubonic plague, and they start speaking to you in soft whispers as if they’re lying on their death bed. While they’re writing up their will, where are we? Grabbing them more tissues while we cook dinner and fight through ovary murdering cramps, and finishing it off with a backflip. I was exaggerating about that last part, but if you can do all that at once, then you go girl ! The interesting part about us is that we’re so accustomed to our strength, that we don’t even question our abilities or why we do the things we do. It’s just our natural way of life to get shit done. We’re over here like “hey, I’m going to grow a little alien inside my stomach for 9 months. I’m gonna puke my brains out every day, be a raging lunatic, and look like a beluga whale…AND THEN this party really gets started when we scream “SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS!”……….in the spine, and then we shoot a watermelon sized human out of our hoo-ha. It’s INSANE what our bodies can handle when they have to. What’s even more insane is what they can handle willingly; repeating the same traumatic actions over and over again….just because we can. Go us!!!

So, answer me this. If we’re all equally fantastic and part of this honorary tribe….then why are girls so goddamn mean?! I mean, c’mon, they made a movie about it! *cue the end of Lindsay Lohan’s career.* Now, before I jump into a rant about the ya-ya sisterhood, let me raise my hand as hiiiiiiigh as the sky and say that EVERYTHING I think women should stop doing to each other….I have done. I’ve talked behind their backs, I’ve made assumptions, I’ve judged them carelessly. Most of those times took place in high school when I was a teenager who knew nothing about maturity, but nevertheless, I admit it was wrong. When I look back on being somewhat of a “mean girl”, I want to kick myself in the face. WHYYYY? What is it about being a chick that makes us all so catty? We’re all on the same team here. I wish we could find a way to support one another and stop the competitive nature. Is it jealousy? Is it spite? Lack of knowledge? Or is it just plain bullying? Whatever it is, I’m slowly trying to change it. My best friend and I have joined together in creating a Facebook page for moms (HEYYYYY, MOM SQUAD!!!) to communicate with each other and to give us all a daily reminder that we’re not alone. I am so used to constantly seeing girls bad mouth one another and putting others down in such a condescending manner, that I half expected us to have to shut down the page 3 days later. I am BEYOND proud to say that not only have we created a place for mothers to feel safe to talk privately, but there have been absolutely NO signs of negativity whatsoever. Everyone reserves judgment and superior attitudes, and they bring nothing but positivity, kindness, support, and encouragement. I think the world could learn a thing or two from our small group of awesome ladies…I know I have.
There was a time when we weren’t considered equal to men. Women had to fight for the right to vote, fight for equal pay…in some countries, they’re still prohibited from driving a car. We’ve come so far and accomplished so much – let’s not disrespect our achievements by knocking each other down. We need to lift each other up! We have to empower one another…because even though we can do it all on our own…why should we have to?
We are strong. We are capable. We are fierce. We are bold. We are beautiful. We are warriors.

To sum it up…..vaginas rock.

I’m going to leave you with this final quote, since I think Beyoncé can say it better than I do.


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